Ex-Gay Gospel Singer Cornelius Edwards Speaks Out

Cornelius Edwards made his debut on television on American Idol Season 9.

Cornelius Edwards was also very popular on YouTube for his dance videos and twerk videos. While those videos are no longer up on his channel, they still hold a special place in my heart lol.

However, one day I decided to search for him while he was on my mind. While I was searching I realized that certain videos were taken down. And I thought it was due to community violations, because one them showed skin. However, I came to find out that Cornelius was singing Gospel music. So I gathered that he, like Kevin Terry, was trying to clean up their image to get into that very gay gospel industry.

And from there I was following Edwards and listened to him improve upon his singing by leaps and bounds.


Cornelius Edwards’ Deliverance from Homosexuality

If I recall correctly, Edwards spoke out in regards to his deliverance from homosexuality before on YouTube, but he may have taken that video down. However, he recently broke down in tears as he expressed his happiness for his deliverance from Homosexuality on a Facebook Live post.



cmortalx’s Opinion

I am out of anyone’s business regarding the relationship between another person and the higher power(s). I do not know everything and more than likely I know nothing. If the most high or the higher power(s) put it upon this young man’s heart for him to be delivered from homosexuality, then that is his business. I am not going to condemn someone for their life choices. If it makes him genuinely happy, then that’s great.

But, that is HIS choice. It doesn’t serve as a premise in regards to the argument against homosexuality. It is about Cornelius Edwards’ sexuality and his faith. Edwards stated that he got into the fast paced, sex filled, drug abusing lifestyle that exists within the gay community. However, that lifestyle also exists in the hetero community as well. He, like many, definitely aligned the drug addiction and sex addiction with homosexuality in his video, which is a common thing among those who are anti-gay.

And while I definitely encourage anyone to seek help for behaviors that include unprotected sex and drug addiction, a gay person or a hetero person should not have to change their sexuality to stop those behaviors. They need counseling and intervention. But, as I know, counseling often includes spiritual and religious teachings that discourages homosexuality. And if that is indeed the case, then we need MORE nonprofits that are geared towards helping gay BLACK men. Something that will empower them as gay men and provide them help for addictions, mental illness, health etc etc etc. Something like Dr. Cleo Manago’s AmAssi in California that he started in 1988.

In conclusion, I think the point of Cornelius Edwards’ video and the lesson to be learned here is that there is indeed a large group of black gay men that are hurt and need help. And I think it is sad that they have to turn to the church or ex-gay programs for help. They should be able to turn to their own community. Let’s work on that if we care.

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