With the recent debacle with a HIV positive person who was exposed online by their ex roommate, I think that solid information about HIV needs to be presented to the public.

  • Being Undetectable does not mean that you are incapable of transmitting HIV to your sexual partner.
    • HIV Tests test the HIV viral load in your blood.  Not your semen or vaginal fluid (USDHHS, 2015)
  • You can not tell when you have HIV
    • HIV can be asymptomatic, meaning that you have no way of knowing when you have contracted it (USDHHS, 2015)
  • People of all sizes people have HIV
    • HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, not the digestive system directly.  Oftentimes, HIV/AIDS can cause other complications that lead to weight loss (USDHHS, 2015)
  • HIV can be transmitted through saliva alone (CDC, 2015)
  • Bottoms and Tops can receive HIV (CDC, 2015)
  • You can transmit HIV through oral sex (CDC, 2015)
  • It only takes one time to catch HIV (CDC, 2015)
  • Being Prep only reduces the chance to contract HIV from a HIV positive person (CDC, 2016)
  • Persons with HIV can contract a different type of HIV (CDC, 2015)
  • There are laws to protect persons with HIV and victims who contracted it from people who knowingly transmit
    • This is the website to the page that list the ACTUAL LAWS pertaining to HIV per state
    • http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/policies/law/states/index.html



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