How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Episode 6 Is Someone Really Dead?

Keating finally got her license to practice law back from her suspension and class is back in session.  The pro-bono case they are trying is a military reserve member who killed a man who sexually harassed her.  Mr. Drake was able to bag the case by presenting a PTSD defense in the clinic.

However, the reserve member lied about what caused her PTSD.  She gave this elaborate story of war violence that happened to someone else.  After Michaela exposed this, it comes out that the reserve member was working a desk job.  My problem with this is that people get PTSD from working desk jobs in hostile areas.  So why did she lie?

All in all, they were able to get her a plea deal with a drinking program and no jail.  Funny how that worked, because Keating received the same gift.

Wes is still working on my nerves being the baby of the family.  Keating coddles him like no other.  While I don’t think Bonnie, who killed his girl and defended the man who killed his rapist father, has the place to confront him, she was right.  Be a man, say what you have to say.

Frank is on some Punisher shit and sets Wes’ half brother up by putting the gun he used to shoot Wallace in Charle’s car.  Because his father was a suspect in his wife’s murder, he might go to jail or get probation for this.  Now we realize that Frank really is willing to do anything to go back to Keating.

With all this said:


She is willing to do anything to save two people.  Her and her memories.  I don’t think it’s the people around her that she cares about, but it is the memories that she holds with them.  If those memories begin to outweigh their current value, she disposes of them or let others do it for her.  

Wes shot her and she still fights for him.  The guilt relating it the memory if he has destroyed her good judgment, but once Wes begins it compromise their set up even further, I THINK that she will dispose of him in the way Conner said he would.

We find out that Michaela and Asher are alive.

How did you enjoy the show?