#HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 1 We’re Good People Now Review

It starts off with Wes’ EVIL ASS father Frank being Murdered.

Keating tells Wes about why Frank did it and Keating lets out that scream that her mother taught her and Wes follows suit.

Between all this we get a body bag going into an ambulance and I’m thinking it is Mahoney bitch ass.

So we see Frank in a public bathroom shaving off his facial hair and hair to change his appearance.  And can I add Frank is too hot to trot.  I mean he is fucking foine.

4 Months Later (Fall semester):

Wes is still carrying that bag I love, but with a different colour scheme. He meets up with Laura before class and they have guess who….Keating and the unlucky Keating 5 are there.

They are confronted by a new member of the series called Mr. Drake.

Keating starts a criminal Law legal clinic where it is….. like a clinic lol.  On the wall behind her is a Keating is a Murderer poster and she just carries on…

Then they discuss their client Karim who is facing deportation for distribution of weed charges.  Each student has to make a defense and if the win they can get on the trial.

Why is Ms. Pratt/soror411 looking down and out and don’t know the answer. (I forgot she was fucking duetschebag orphan).

They all meet after class and Keating let’s dem all know they all goods peoples.

Bonnie finally appears and the first thing she starts talking about, is a case even Keating would even refuse.

Keating goes inside and gets out her 2nd flip phone she uses to talk to BIG DICK NATE!!! Well I think it’s him.

Laura meets with Keating and discusses her trip to Mexico.  Keating asks if Frank will be there and Laura says that Frank is dead to her. And I didn’t know Keating gardened.

Forward to September:

Laura is still trying to find Frank.  Afterwards she meets with Karim and talks a discrimination suit that he refuses.

In clinic, Mr. Drake makes a good play and the down and out 5 combats it.

Laura walks in clinic with breaking news about how the weed was Karim’s daughter’s weed.  Wes makes a better play of how to tackle the case and gets the first chair and Mr. Drake getting the second.  Wes presents Keating with an opening while they are walking the walkway and Keating sees the grateful 5 and they are staring at a billboard full of Keating is a Murderer posters.  Keating just walks away.


Keating addresses Twink 1 aka Conner, who is ignoring everyone.  He says he is trying to disconnect from all the bullshit that happened.  He discusses with her about not giving Oliver, aka Twink 2, a job at the firm.

Oliver goes in for the interview and flubs up.  He even tries sweetening up to her, which isn’t a bad move.  Keating denies his request for a job and Twink 2 expresses how he stopped Twink 1 from going to Stanford. (BTW I WOULD HAVE THE ARGUMENT OF A LIFETIME IF I FOUND THAT OUT)

Oliver meets with the drunk 5. And they catch up while drinking.

The next scene is Big Dick Nate rubbing Keating’s feet.  She tells him about the posters.  She asks him to turn over and I know BD Nate ain’t no bottom, but he follows suit.

She then turns to the box where the phone that she was texting is in.  I thought she was texting BD Nate.


Keating and BD Nate are having a cook out.  And Asher is struggling and asks Keating for money.  He tells her that she killed her dead and he would gladly give him money

Fall Semester:

And I forgot Soror #2 and Asher are fucking.  While they are fucking, dorm brats come to the door to talk to Asher. Soror #3 sees his homework and decides to be on about her business.

At the Trial:

Wes is told that only 3% of the defense wins and then WES gives the best opening of the show.  Soror #1 comes in and MS. Pratt gives them the case in a bag and replaces Mr. Drake.  Ms. Pratt stalls the court and Keating presents the smoking gun to the judge to hardball him, but it doesn’t work.

Ms. Pratt and Wes bring to witness EVERYONE including the neighborhood cat to the stand.

Keating gives the judge a deal he can’t refuse and gives him a misdemeanor.

They go for recess and Connor is confronted by Keating.  Keating lets Twink 1 know about Stanford and letting Oliver have the job.  Keating explains that she will bury Twink 2 in busy work.  And Connor looks destroyed.


Apparently Michaela is in a DUI accident.  Keating has to save her…again.  But Soror #5 is upset about not being like Keating in regards to going back to normal life after getting people killed.  Soror #5 is told that she is strong enough to run away from a bad family and she can be strong enough for all this.  And that is why she didn’t worry about her.

Back in the Trial:

The judge is highly bias.  I think that she was paid off because Karim is deported without a felony charge.  How can you deport someone for a crime you can’t charge them with because they lied?  That Judge is probably the biggest liar there.

Connor confront Oliver and they talk about the Stanford issue.  Connor is very adult about this.  MORE THAN ME!!! There would have been hell.  Oliver is like, this ain’t normal.  And it isn’t.

Oliver confesses his love for him and ability to leave him because of his love.


Summer Summer Summer Summertime:

Keating meets with the President.  The teacher promotes her to a research position.  The president is fake as hell.  This is when Keating starts talking about a pro-bono clinic.  So does she get money?

Keating is drinking the Vodka when she is confronted by Bonnie showing her the articles about the posters.  Bonnie wanted to know why Frank hasn’t called and why he hasn’t destroyed them and the Keating 5.  Keating shows regret, finally, about hiring Frank.

Laura meets with Wes, who is getting body now.  Laurel finally confronts Wes about why he won’t be with her.  Wes sees Frank when he says Laurel.

So Laurel finally meets Meggy, who is cauute.  But Laurel clearly doesn’t approve.

We go Keating where she gets a text to call the anonymous guy from before.  She has someone following Frank and she waits to see if she should order the guy to do something.  But Frank puts the guy in choke-hold before she could say anything.

Two months later after Frank catches the detective/asssasin/ex:

We get to see Keating look in the body bag and someone close to her died.  BUT WHO?!

How do you like this season so far?

How do you like the focus on each character in each episode?

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