#htgawm Season 3 Episode 4 Don’t Tell Annalise Review/Recap

That slap fron last episode was so hard BONNIE felt it lol.

We have the scene where Annaleise is sweating in jail.  Because you know being in jail will do that.

Bonnie comes in to see Keating and Bonnie still can not figure out what Keating is charged with.

4 weeks earlier:

Annalise is at a bar to meet with Julia Roberts (look i know it is not Julia Roberts, but in my mind she is) aka Eve.

They discuss Nate and Julia simply let’s Keating know, “I don’t wanna know.  If you’re playing me keep it on the low!” lol

Then at the bar we have some assholes showing up to figure Keating and Eve’s situation.  But oppose to curving these dudes like I would do, they get wasted with Keating and Eve.

The next scene is  Frank ass up in his hotel room.

Note: He is just too fine bruh

In the next scene, we have the Keating 5 with that jerk, whose name I can’t remember from the class, at court for some pro bono case.

Keating comes in late and hung over

Apparently, the case is about a light skin minor who is being tried for using fake credit cards to steal money that he can’t pay back, or so he says.

Asher is in charge of the case and he is sweating bullets.

The trial starts and Asher dumb ass starts with a whole bit about Tristan being underprivileged and how he didn’t know better.  Ugh!!

During Asher’s horrible opening statement, we get reports of Keating suspension from the prosecutors.  Jerks!!!

So Keating was being recorded when she slapped the g’ing perv murderer from last episode. This leads to the disciplinary board suspending their license.

You gotta mean right. – Big Dick Nate

So Tristan can not find the money that he stole with the credit cards.  Why is that important?! Because returning the money could get him off.

So at the sit down power meeting that Asher is heading about this case, the Keating 5 are distracted by EVERYTHING.  RUDE!

The distraction for Michaela is finding dudes for the newly single Oliver. But I, along with everyone else in the world, know she doesn’t know anything about finding good guys.

The distraction/obsession for Laurel is Frank.  And guess what?! Laurel goes on case to find Frank….again.

She finds Frank’s father and finds out that Frank was in jail, which the audience already knew but anywho.

So apparently Frank is working as a Janitor at a prison and trying to get in the Medical Ward for some reason. 

Note: Frank is fine but crazy as fuck!!!

At the office, Oliver hacks Tristan’s bus pass…how?!!!

The Keating 5 or 4 or 5 (Is Oliver apart of the Keating 5 now?) find out that there is a storage facility  that Tristan frequents and they go there with Tristan.

There we find baby stuff and find out that he has a baby moms…


Sisan, who is the babymomma teacher, comes to meet Bonnie and Asher at their office oblivious to the fact that THEY KNOW!!

Then we find out that Tristan’s horrible and abuse filled background was disclosed to Susan before she even met him.  And she still took advantage of him.

Then we find out that Bonnie is going to let Susan stand trial. For some reason Asher seems opposed to this. Then Asher figures out that Bonnie is taking this case personally because Bonnie was raped by her dad as a child.

This heats Bonnie up and she goes in on Asher.  Bonnie then brings up that Asher let Tiffany, his friend from college, get raped by his friends at his party while he was too drunk to notice…damn!

Julia and Keating are drinking…as usual…and they discuss ways to get out of the suspension that Keating gas looming over her head.

Then a drunk Keating admits that the guy that was spying on Frank at the motel was TRYING TO KILL HIM!! WTF!! Jeating says that it is because Frank killed her baby by means of placing a bug in Keating room when Keating was defending/fighting against Wes’ dad in a land before time when flip phones were the shit.  This leads to the cry scene between Keating and Eve.

Big D Nate comes in on Julia and Keatings cry session.

Note: Does he gets now that Eve is a lot more than just her friend?

We have Laurel still searching for Frank at the office.

And is Asher flirting with Connor?

Then we cut to scene where Conwhore is about to get a train ran in him by two hit dudes. 

Note: I thought Connor was a top and isn’t one of the dudes he is fucking a model.

The next scene is where Keating confronts the President about the issue of the THE SLAP. Then we find out someone from “The Corporation” (whatever that is) is the one who sent the president and disciplinarian board the video of THE SLAP 

(THE SLAP coming to an ABC channel this summer blackified!)

Then the Pres and Keating get into it and Pres goes off on her ass.  Why?! CAUSE SHE THE BOSS!!!

“Shut Up Annalise” – The Pres

“Those who can’t listen must feel” – The Pres

Then the Pres fires Keating because with no license Keating’s tenure is nullified.

At the Keating Murder House, we have Nate finally asking Keating the big question: I’d Keating fucking Eve?


Keating then goes off.  And she was going off like I do.

That is sooo fucking me.  

Nate leaves and tells her that she is gonna end up alone with the way she acts.  And that is true. Trust I know.

We have Susan on the stand and she plays dumb at first regarding her inappropriate behavior with Tristan.

Bonnie calls Susan out as the molester she is and Susan pleads the fifth

Tristan is freed from all charges but later finds out Susan is going to jail and goes off on Bonnie and Asher in their office.

I hope Tristan recovers from this and realizes how he was victimized.

The disciplinary board and Keating meet about the slapping.

Keating confesses to being an alcoholic. She blames her husband’s death, the shooting, and the flyers as a source for her drinking

Keating then agrees to get into a rehab program for reinstatement.

The next scene is Keating and Eve talking about their somewhat of a victory.  Later we find out that the rehab program was Nate’s idea.  SMART COP!

Then Keating makes her moves on Eve and Eve curves her with a swiftness.  Eve admits to having a girlfriend who wants to move to San Fran with Eve.

Keating then gives her the congrats Eve deserves.

Note: You can tell that Eve is the one Keating really wants to be with.  Or she could be with both.  Why can’t a black women be polyamourous?

At Wes’ birthday party, which I failed to mention earlier because it’s a boring storyline, we have Meggy (pro black power afro) and Wes dancing the night up while a salty Laurel dismisses herself.

Then we have a convo with Connor and Oliver, who just need to make up and stop trying to outhoe or out-apathize each other.  That’s annoying.

Note: Connor and Oliver’s story really reminds me of Ricky’s and Genito’s storyline from Noah’s Arc

At the Keating Murder House we find out that Bonnie’s dad is dead.

Bob, who is Bonnie’s dad, was at the hospital that Frank was at and Frank put some weird harsh gas into the Bob’s lung and sent his ass on beyonder with a hellish goodbye.

Note: Frank just got 10 times hotter.  Is that wrong?!

Then walks in Laurel who just figures out the link between Frank and the death of Bonnie’s dad and Bonnie.

They both agree not to tell Keating.

4 Weeks later:

We have Oliver freaking out again at the hospital triage desk.  Keating walks in and she tries to hail a frantic Meggy going into the e.r. room where we find person under the sheets.

And the person under the sheets is Laurel.  

And she is preggos.

Who is alive: Laurel, Laurel’s baby, Meggy, Oliver, Bonnie

End Notes:  Is it me or is Frank Delfino becoming Frank Castle?  And I am ok with that if he is.