I Am A Bad Black Feminist

​It is completely hypocritical to be a black male black feminist.  It is difficult to discuss issues that I do not face outside of subjective homophobia. But I know black females stories from what they tell.  AND BEFORE YOU GO!  Most of the time I will let them tell their stories, oppose to me just paraphrasing it and objectifying it with my male point of view.

Nonetheless, I support black feminism because it is important to me.  It removes the toxic ideals of white male masculinity that harms so many people who are black and non-black.  It has literally saved my life when I was going through my gender fluid period.  It helps me now.  

Not to make it sound like a religion, but black feminism saved me.  I was very upset and angry at myself for not upholding standards of masculinity that no black man could truly accomplish without being white.  And with that dynamic, I was not even capable of falling into the stereotypes of black hypermasculinity because of my parents and it just not being in me.  And thank the higher powers for good parents 

When I decided to lay my burden down and finally be me, black feminism was there to catch me when I did not see much black representation in white feminism.  In fact, my first post about feminism was about how it wasn’t for black women.  And they let me have it, as they should’ve.  (And by the way most of America understands feminism, it still is not in my opinion.) That is why we have womanism and black feminism is so important.  Intersectionality, which comes from black feminism, takes up for a lot of the gaps that white feminism leaves out.

Again, I am not perfect and I am hypocritical in a lot of ways.  But I am a patriarchal misogynist.  And undoing 25 years of bull is hard.  That’s why I don’t take offense to being called a hypocrite.  I am a work in progress 

I am a gay dude who discusses topics mostly surrounding black women, which is something I’ve never been.  Again, I’ve only experienced proxy misogyny through homophobia.  

I am a big ass hypocrite that you do not have to endure.  And I am in with that.