Jurors Find Dylann Roof GUILTY of All 33 Counts Charged Against Him

“We find the defendant, Dylann Storm Roof, guilty.” – Jury Foreman (Jarvie, 2016). 

CNN reported that after two hours of deliberation, Jurors of “US V Roof” found Dylann Roof guilty of all 33 counts charged against him (Shoichet, O’Shea, Valencia, 2016). 
In a previous post, I detail the 33 counts Dylann Roof was charged with. 

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Found guilty

“The Problem with Dylann Roof’s Confession”


The sentencing is set to take place on Tuesday January 3, 2016.  The death penalty is an option and if chosen, it will be the second time in South Carolina (Shoichet et al, 2016).

It took a man committing a massacre, attempting to represent himself (which he didn’t), confessing to FBI authorities, heavy media attention, and the tears of all the victims’ family members to get a guilty conviction for the murder of black people. I think that this was a terroristic attack, which, from what I understand, is an attempt to incite chaos and anarchy through a message of fear. Roof stated that he wanted to incite a race war.  I think that an active attempt to start a race war would definitely fall under the definition of terrorism.

Nonetheless, a racist murderer is off the streets.  This ensures extreme white supremacists across the world that they can have their beliefs all they want, but once they act on it, there will be justice.  While white supremacy is the code that makes up the program that runs the world, there are parameters that it has built to ensure peace and control.  Roof’s behavior is damaging to white supremacy because it incites people of color to act out against it. That is why Roof is being punished in my opinion.  

White supremacy no longer needs those like Roof.  White Supremacy is about political and legal powerat this point. This power is maintained by LEGITIMIZED authority through ordained violence that comes in the form of the judicial system.  Roof had no authority or legitimacy in regards to his actions.  

That is why I think he was convicted. He PROBABLY may not get the death sentence.  If Roof is given prison time, he may get released early prior to his death.  Again, I am truly happy that Roof was convicted.  But they really had no choice in this matter in my opinion.

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