Leave the Texan Mom Who Kicked Her Son Out For Voting For Trump Alone! [VIDEO]

Disclaimer: I didn’t mean to call that child “boy” so much.  My apologies.

I rarely put my rant videos on this site, but I recently posted a video


of the mother kicking her son out for voting for Trump in a mock vote at his school.  Personally, I thought it was hilarious.  However, others thought differently.  And that is fine.  

But where was y’all at the other times where worse things were posted on Facebook.

That is her house.  Like it or not, she taught him a good lesson about politics.  If you don’t vote for yourself, no one will help you when you are out in the cold.  And don’t come at me with that child abuse mess because again, where was y’all at when that mom beat her son for PROTESTING at the Black Lives Matter rally and the other times where the parents physically harmed their child for the internet to see. It is not fair.