#muslimban is the Slippery Slope #noban #nowall

#muslimban and #noban has been trending because Trump has “temporarily” banned Muslims from certain African and Middle-Eastern countries from entering the United States.  However, these countries are non-violent as they currently stand.  

#muslimban is not logical unless it is about resources.
#muslimban is not logical unless it is about resources.

Yet, Muslims are being detained at various airports, allegedly despite their state of origin and their current status.  They are being questioned about their views on Trump and their social media accounts are being reviewed. 

#muslimban Should be #crazywhitemanban

However, this doesn’t make any sense being that the most attacks on the United States’ soil has been done by white men who identify as Christian.  While there may be a few white Muslim men involved in the fray, they are still white men who’s state of origin is the United States. 

In a 2015 study,  Time reported on the New American Foundation’s study on the acts of terrorism in this country and who commits them.  

Check it out here: http://time.com/3934980/right-wing-extremists-white-terrorism-islamist-jihadi-dangerous/

And not surprising to me at all, the biggest group of people who have committed more acts of crime have been white men.  

The true faces of Terrorism in the United States
The true faces of Terrorism in the United States

Across the board, white men have been the most violent and least prosecuted in our nation.  Yet, the focus is always geared on immigrants and American people of color.  I think that the ban on Muslims that Trump has “temporarily” initiated is something that will go down in history as a momentum to the deep seeded racism and nationalism that this country has always portrayed.  I am not shocked that it happened, but I know that it hurts like hell to see people who are legal and an active part of their communities and this country be treated like criminals.  Then again, there was little outcry from some of those same communities when acts of terrorism were being committed against Black people by the same state that is putting sanctions on their mobility. 

But, I don’t really care about that right now, because the TRUE slippery slope is occuring with this executive order.  They will start with the scary terrorist and then work to the scary blacks, then the scary Hispanics, then everyone else.   They will go after the resource stealing Jews and Asians.  Then they will go after the gays who are corrupting their moral standards.  Then they will go after the feminists who are doing the same.  All to the point where the only people in power AND WHO HAVE PROPER REPRESENTATION will white men.

While many of you will say that this has been occurring, please don’t dismiss the advances of many non-cis, non-het, non-conforming, non-male, people of color in this country.  We may not be to the point where there is complete autonomy and justice, but we are getting there.  A revolution is occurring, but not in a way the state has ARMED itself for.  But what Trump and his administration is doing is definitely pushing back against that non-violent revolution. 

Please don’t be silent on this.  What we won’t speak out against, can and will definitely be done to us.

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