OWN’s “Greenleaf” Trailer and the Pillar of the Black Community


With the recent controversy surrounding Brian Carns, Creflo Dollar, and the attack on prosperity preaching, I thought it was fitting that OWN debuted the trailer for their new show, “Greenleaf.”  I was so excited at the look and production of this drama.  I loved how they are touching on the untouched subject of what goes on behind the closed doors of the families behind these mega churches .  Check out the trailer.

The trailer is owned by OWN and HARPO STUDIOS.

Oprah Winfrey is friends with mega church pioneer and pastor T. D. Jakes.  I wonder if some stories told from him inspires certain story arcs for this show.  I wonder how much of this show is based on stories that were made public through the media.  I wonder what topics are they gonna touch on.  Finally, I wonder what the backlash will look like.  OWN has a way of revealing things about certain topics that we may consider off-limits.  I think that it is quite bold to make a TV drama about such a SACRED topic.

Yes, the pastor, their families, their secrets are considered SACRED in the black communities in my opinion.  I have even heard it stated that the black church is a pillar of the black community.  However, when it comes to mega churches, I do not see the same type of pillar that we often associate the black church.

I stay in Atlanta, GA (…metro Atlanta…) and I use to live near Creflo Dollar’s church, World Changers.  I can tell you that it is awkward to see such a nice and big church in such an impoverished community.  The family income in that area averages around 20, 000 to 30, 000 dollars a year.  The church does not pay taxes and does little to help the community.  And yes, this is the same church where the pastor asked for a 70 million dollar jet from their parishioners.  This is not what makes a pillar of a community.

Even with this, these large mega churches have the same impunity as the traditional black church.  Everything is off-limits.  It follows behind this, “DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED!” idea that those of us in the church are taught at such a young age.  I predict that the show, “Greenleaf,” will get much flack for trying to air out the dirty laundry of certain mega churches.  AND I AM HERE FOR OWN DOING THIS.  I also want to see how people will respond.

The black church has lost its pillar in our community in my opinion.  I grew up in a church that did very little for the community it was placed in.  Oprah has every right to ensure that the people who watch her channel are able to figure out what goes on behind the doors of certain mega church pastors.  These pastors are still people.  They are capable of doing disgusting and evil things.

I think because the church has allowed the lay members to worship the leader for such a long period of time that there is an “anointed” decommissioning of those in high position who walk in “err.”  (Look at me sounding like a christian.)  I think that this is the universe setting everything in order.  No man should be exalted above another.  As well, pastors and leaders should not condemn those in their parish and in the world for the same acts/sins that occur in their house.  Whether it is homosexuality, drinking, abuse, extortion, or stealing, the hypocrisy is almost unforgivable.

Of course, I find it intriguing when I see these ministers and pastors get pulled through the ringer.  However, I still have some compassion because I realize that the pastor or leader is a person.  They deserve the right to compassion and sympathy (or empathy) because they are another human (or god depending on what doctrine you follow.)  I think that “Greenleaf” is going to allow us to see the humanity that goes into being a leader for a church.  I am excited to see what this show is all about.

“Greenleaf” premieres on Tuesday June 21, with a following episode on Wednesday June 22nd on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

What do you about the concept of the show and what are your expectations?