PewDiePie Says the N-Word & Swedish Racism

PewDiePie Says the N Word

I have really given PieDiePie all of the benefits of the doubt that I could give ANY human being.  From the Nazi satire to his rebuttals against the usage of Nazi imagery, I have really turned the other cheek.  Despite rising Black YouTube stars, like KSI, clearly stating this man is racist and have given empirical proof, I let things slide. But I can’t for this mess right here.

I was extremely disappointed by this.  And as you may well know, my stance on racism is that anyone apart of the oppressive class utilizes an ‘ism to obtain and keep their power.  This goes for racism, misogyny, homophobia, and classism.  It is not something I am willing to debate about as I will NEVER change my mind about the subject.

A main argument against PewDiePie being a racist, is that he is Swedish and racism isn’t “that bad” in Sweden.  In fact, in MY MIND, I gave Sweden the get out of jail free card in regards to not being a part of global racism and Anti-Blackness that is found in everywhere.  But I was wrong! I am still learning as I develop and evolve.

Not only was Sweden apart of the Transatlantic Slave Trade that directly and indirectly demonized, dehumanized, displaced, destroyed, dismantled, dismembered, dissolved, disbanded, and disrupted ALL African nations and African people, they colonized Ghana as their own state.

For further reference: PLEASE READ this wonderful article

“Living in Denial: Sweden and the slave trade – Pan African Visions”

Living in Denial: Sweden and the slave trade

Despite knowing this and having a better frame of reference, I still expect OPEN racism to remain at the kitchen table.  I do not expect to experience open racism as there are consequences for these actions and behaviors that serve as precedent and hopefully a deterrant. We all have choices and ALL OF THOSE CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES. PewDiePie is still a white person in global society that is entrenched in Racism and Anti-Blackness and directly benefits off of these things.  He does not have the right to say that word, which may or may not have come out of his mouth on more than one occasion regarding other black YouTubers in the past.

I am sick of PewDiePie playing the fucking victim after creating content that is highly disrespectful.  Satire or not, the jokes were dismissive and disregarded those who suffered at the hands of Nazis which includes what many would consider, the N Word.  PewDiePie does not get a pass for this. And yes, he is charismatic, he is charming, and he is genuinely funny.  But so are psychopaths and politicians.  He needs to make an IMMEDIATE apology, even though that will still not suffice.  He has lost a subscriber and a viewer.  As well, like with Disney, many of his business partners are removing their content from his YouTube channel.

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