Pharrell Williams Addresses Kim Burrell on Ellen


Pharrell Williams Addresses Kim Burrell

Pharrell Williams addressed the controversy surrounding Kim Burrell and her sermon on homosexuality on Ellen. As well, Ellen DeGeneres did confirm that she did indeed cancel Kim Burrell’s appearance.  Pharrell said some pretty powerful things on Ellen.  He makes it clear, along with Janelle Monae, that they do not approve of Kim Burrell’s statement.

There is no room for hate in 2017. – Pharrell Williams

Kim Burrell’s Dileema

It seems that Kim Burrell should definitely address this issue before it maims her career even further.  Kim Burrell must make things clear.  The prophetic is something that YOU MUST EXPLAIN.  And I pray that if (and that is a big if) Kim Burrell figures out the error in the message and delivery, that she will indeed apologize for it.

 [This world] only works with inclusion and empathy. – Pharrell Williams

I genuinely want to see Kim Burrell come out of this situation on top.  I know I may be the lone black gay man on that ship. But I understand the faith and the genuine love that goes behind what she said.  Yes, her hate speech was based in love.  Because I know in my reality, what she said was hateful, but in her world, she was simply delivering what she thinks is the word of God.

But I challenge her to rethink her career.  She has to understand the industry she works in and it doesn’t make sense to try to live in full “holiness” and work in the secular realm.  And the way it is now, current gospel music is secular music, in my pagan opinion.  Hell when I was growing up, Kirk Frank and John P Kee was considered secular.  

In conclusion, to quote the sequel to “Demonology” by King James

You cannot serve both Baal and Yah – some Bible scripture

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