Queen Sugar Episode 4 The Darker Sooner Review

What in the EARTH is Charley thinking by giving Ralph Angel access to the bank accounts and allowing him to govern the farm?  RA couldn’t farm weeds.  This is such a bad choice.

So it comes out that Charley had to leave to Los Angeles, CA deal with the Davis’ rape case.  While she is away, she left the farm in the hands of RA.  Brother Remy who offered to get ACTUAL farmers does not even know this and offers help to RA who immediately disposes of the offer.  Another bad decision

Charley goes the hospital to test for STI’s because of her husband’s infidelity.

This leads to the scene where Charley is negotiating terms of the case and business with Davis’ agents and assistants.  It comes out that the wives may have teamed up without Charley and Davis to appeal the suspension.

So Charley not to crazy because she got Nova to spy on RA, but Nova is like hell no, she is booked.  She investigates various stories regarding local black youth taking plea deals.  I definitely see why she was added to the show when she wasn’t in the book.

So we get the name of the prostitute/rape victim and her name is Goldy.  Yes Goldy!  Like the name of the prostitute that is killed in Sin City.  After this Charley confirms with Davis that their relationship is just business for now.
Can I add that Hollywood is fine as heck.  He really could get it if he wanted it.

Hollywood is happy that Vivienne and him are home alone, but Vi has a mood change in the middle of the conversation.

So over in LA, the paparazzo are stalking Charley and Micah and follows them to the school.

I am getting the feeling that Micah is getting the BRUNT of all this heat that Davis has regarding his case.  That is so unfair, but that is how life really is for many of these celebrity children.  Then the teacher or faculty member gives Charley the side eye and that foreshadows another event.

Back in Louisiana, Nova is covering other stories about young black people taking plea deals for minor crimes.  I love how Nova is basically a character created to promote PRISON ABOLITIONISM.

Nova is called to a hospital where the white police officer she is screwing shows her Too Sweet, who beat the hell up and chained to the bed.  And I want to know is he gay?  If he is, why wasn’t he placed in alternative if y’all gonna put him in adult regular population?  While she is there, she prays over him using Psalms 31, which I had to look up lol.  After she prays, she takes a picture of him.

Now we have RA working hard at the warehouse unloading and a co-worker helps upon realizing the burden of a cane farm that has been bestowed upon Ra.  But the coworker seems real snakish, but his family is selling everything from their sugar cane farm and could be of help.

Charley and Davis meets with Andrew, who is their lawyer, to combat an indefinite suspension.  Afterwards, a lawyer saying that if the rape kit could lead to a charge, that they would forfeit any appeals.  Charley threatens to sue.

We have Stella and Micah with their friend.  They discuss a TUMBLR page that shows Micah’s family regarding the case with Goldy.

Following this, Nova tries to get the story about Too Sweet in the paper.  Nova finds herself pleading with the editor by giving a long list of excessive charges regarding plea deals.  Nova got provides various sources and gives us some information on how she learned some of her spiritual practices by explaining her grandmother was into Voodoo.

RA finally arrives to a place where they can buy Cane Sugar seeds, but they are out.  As well, they are only going to farm 300 of the 800 acres.

Question: Don’t you have to import seeds to get quality?  Let me know if you know.

Nova calls RA about the farm and this leads to another sibling conflict.  RA and Nova goes back forth, but RA brings up a good point that Nova seems to care about others and rarely tends to her family.

Charley meets with the basketball wives and throws salt by saying she will cover the bill for lunch *tehe.  Miriam, her assistant, has been spying on them before Charley arrives and gains intelligence about the other basketball players setting up a defense without Davis and Charley.

This, along with the failure of the other attorney, leads them to hiring a female attorney who is a complete savage.   She identifies the prostitute/rape victim as Marina Golunian and offers to discredit her or pay her away.  Charley orders the attorney to discredit her.  It is crazy because this seems to mess with Davis’ conscious more than it does Charley.

RA tells coworker about sugar cane being sold out locally and the coworker offers to help him cut a deal with his family in Jacksonville.  (BTW: That man’s accent is deep.)

Nova then meets with Francine, who works with a union about plea deals and finds out that it’s not about plea deals but these arrests are about convictions.  Francine spills all the tea.  After FEMA dried up, the government decided to get bodies into prisons for cheap labor.  Sounds familiar, check out Michelle’s Alexander’s, “The New Jim Crow”.

Now we go to Micah, who is confronted by Stella’s mom after she see him in her house.  She tells him to call next time, when he never had to before.

RA buys the sugar cane seeds and Brother Remy checks the sugar cane seeds that RA got from his coworker but finds it is infected with fungus.  RA paid 15000 dollars out of the 100,000 dollars left for him and the farm.  Then RA has one of his famous temper tantrums.

Aunt Vi reads Nova’s article and you can tell Nova is her favorite.  She, like all of us, wants to know how the prison industrial complex is LEGAL.  (BTW: I think that Aunt Vi is going through menopause)

“We’re not getting old just getting through” – NOVA

At school following the event at Stella’s house, Stella ignores Micah and this follows with a meeting with Charley, Micah, Stella, and Stella’s Mom.  Apparently Micah sent Stella an inappropriate picture.  Comes to find out that it is a picture of Stella’s mister’s dick.  But why does Micah have it?  Well Micah is expelled for this (of course not without a few words from his well within her right damning mother).

Charley calls Remy and they flirt like crazy.

Back in Louisiana, Nova apologizes to RA and acknowledges her BS when it comes to the family.  RA complements Nova on her article and that is kinda his way of apologizing.

This shows show family love in a relatable way the book could not.

The final scene shows the lawyer saying that they want to offer 500,000 dollars to Marina to make this all disappear.  Charley, yet disgruntled, approves.  However, they already offered the money and Charley wants to know what does Marina want.

Well maybe she wants justice for a bunch of men taking advantage of her in an intoxicated state where she could not make any decisions.

The more this show continues on the more I see how they are translating Charley from the book to a modern age Charley.  I love this series and hope it just gets better.

What do you think?

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