Queer Black Lives Matter Member Thrown Out of Straight Black Pride Movement

This is why progress is so slow in our community.  A lot of the people in that room were passionate and intelligent.  But because of their bigotry and fear.  They embarrassed and harassed that very peaceful person in their meeting, which requires participants to purchase a ticket in order to attend, and then they had the nerve to kick them out.

You can appreciate heterosexuality among black people without ostracizing your queer peers.  

But for the Straight Black Prude movement, as much as I appreciate SOME of their stand points, their belief regarding homosexuality is misguided. At this point, I find them to be a lost cause at this point and a potential danger. Because of their hatred of and openness to murder queer people in their communities, they are a threat.

And their reasoning for this is that they believe queer people should be identified as white sex offenders because they believe homosexuality is derived from European origins when there is PROOF that there was open and acceptable forms of homosexuality within African cultures.

Please check out this article:

“Homosexuality is not un-African” by Sylvia Tamale 


They believe that all queer people are a danger to their family structure and their children.  The scariest part is a lot of their beliefs mimic what a lot of the beliefs that White Supremacist groups uphold.

The White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has a very clear and simple understanding on the subject of homosexuality. Homosexuality is a perversion of nature and a filthy, diseased and perverted lifestyle. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so it is only logical that they recruit others into their perverted lifestyle. One of the ways in which they do this is in shopping malls and other public gathering locations. Police officers will tell you that homosexual predators will hang out in shopping malls and similar type locations looking for young teenagers that are in a partying mood and supply the finances for the party to get close to the youth. They hang around youth centers and music concerts and one of the newest and sickest ways of recruiting is now through adoption. When two men or two women adopt a child it only stands to reason that the child will be raised as a homosexual or lesbian. Homosexuals will deny these alegations of perverted recruitment but they have been proven to be true time and time again. This perverted practice of adoption is all to clear, common sense tells us that when a man or woman raises a child, they raise that child to the standard both moral and sexual that their lifestyle mirrors. 

– The White Camelia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Now with all that in mind, coming from the KKK mind you, look at the message behind the Black Straight Pride movement and tell me that they are not identical in regards to their beliefs about homosexuality.

However, and don’t stone me, a lot of what the Straight Black Pride Movement believes in regarding misogyny, violence, racism, etc etc etc is correct in my opinion.  A lot of what they believe is respected in academia. I was taught in college that the four pillars of society, which are patriarchy, heteronormative, classist, and racism, are derived from European colonization.  And this is basic feminist theory.  And outside of the beliefs about homosexuality,  the Straight Black Prude movement is in alignment with that.

Check out their views


But that is the problem isn’t it? The biggest part of their platform, while only being a small percentage of their basic belief system, is their upfront dismissal and hatred of homosexuality or as they call it, white sex.  I think that if they wanted to focus on the dangers of problematic aspects that derive from European culture, then they should focus on all of them.  But they have this weird obsession with homosexuality.   And it’s not new.

What do you think?