Tank Faces Controversy After Performing Shirtless at D.C. Gay Pride [Video]

Tank is under much controversy after performing “Fuckin With Me” while shirtless at D.C. Gay Pride.  With the fights and other shenanigans that surrounded D.C. Pride, it might beat Atlanta Pride in litness.  At least there were no gun shots fired like there was at Atlanta Black Gay Pride last year (allegedly!).

(And this is one of the reasons I keep my boring scary black SGL ass at home watching anime.  But I did wanna go to the Jazz Festival this weekend…next year maybe.)


Here we go again.

A confident black man performs at or attends Gay Pride (or any gay function) and he is instantly “suspect”.  (Suspect meaning he is suspected of being homosexual or bisexual.) I mean the man got paid to do a job and he performed.  And it’s Tank, so he has to be buck nekkid holding his nuts.  In fact, the performance was quite conservative in my opinion.

And yes, a dude held his legs up in the audience and Tank said he liked his hole ate.  So the fuck what?  Straight guys like analingus too.  So until Tank says that he prefers or even likes a man licking or sticking or him licking or sticking, then STFU and leave these dudes alone.

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