The Alt-Right is AMERICA

The Alt Right is a nonmainstream conservative group that has gained popularity over the last few weeks.  The videos above features them expressing their most upheld beliefs in regards to how America is a white country that was created to serve white people for the benefit of white people and white supremacy. And I am not even upset about that.

Are they wrong?!

I am a Pan-Africanist.  (Now is not the time to bring up how problematic that term and ideology is!) So a lot of what the Alt Right said is what I know is true for America.

America was founded on the colonization and further exploitation of indigenous people in the American continent and African people.  From that point, white males have uplifted themselves on the backs of those groups.  With most of the heavy lifting being done by African people. 

The ideologies expressed by the Alt Right is in ALIGNMENT with the American ideology.  White Supremacy fuels America and most of the globe.  No matter what race we are and what ideology we subscribe to, as long as we are American and in one way or another serve the American infrastructure, we are a part of white supremacy and we serve it.  While we are in it, we have found ways to fight against it, but white supremacy is the system and until the system changes or is abolished, white supremacy will always reign over the world.

What the Alt Right is doing and the reason it is scaring a lot of the liberal media is that they are exposing the true beliefs of many white Americans across the board.  Now, the belief system of white supremacy exists in all Americans and most global citizens.  As a Pan-Africanist I work to refute and debunk the ideologies of white supremacy that were reinforced and are constantly being reinforced in me and oftentimes by me.  That stands true for feminists, black feminists, SGLs, queers (which I am now currently having an internal debate about), Chicanos, and other revolutionary movements and ideologies.  These ideologies and movements are based on the fact that nonwhite hetero males have accepted white supremacy in one form or another and suffer from it and now are consciously fighting it.  That suffering extends past physical oppression and is seen in our mental turmoil.  

White supremacy is an accepted ideology.  And I want you to ask yourself this question.  

Don’t you hold the same beliefs as the Alt-Right?

If you do hold those beliefs, what are you doing to fight it?