Unpopular Opinion: Texas Mom Kicking Child Out For Voting For Trump is HILARIOUS

Disclaimer: To y’all lost and found by the way people, the child did a mock vote at school.  And she didn’t really kick him out, she was proving a point.

I don’t want to hear the bullshit Republicans are saying about how this is child abuse when most of them would do the same thing if their child voted for liberals.  

This is funny as hell.  

It is not like she beat the child or verbally abused him.  She let him know that in the house she pays money for and taxes on, that they will be all under one accord.  Now when y’all volunteer to pay for a meal, rent/mortgage, buy clothes, and everything else a child needs to survive, then you MIGHT be able to say something.  

Otherwise, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Leave the Texan Mom Who Kicked Her Son Out For Voting For Trump Alone! [VIDEO] – cmortalx

She taught him a good damn lesson!  

If you vote against the tribe, then the tribe is going to vote against you.