Women’s March on Washington is DEEP

Women’s March on Washington is very vindicating after watching the Hitler like speech Trump made during Trump’s inauguration.  It makes me feel a lot better about yesterday.  I am proud to be a black feminist today.


Women’s March on Washington Shows we Won’t TAKE IT!!!

‚ÄčThere are some groups you never want to make mad.  Those are feminists, white feminists, black feminists, old people, white gays, black women, and black gays.  And sometimes in that order.

Bruh!!! They are deep!!  

There are more people at the Women’s March than the actual inauguration.  Trump will be impeached and dismissed from office I truly believe. This is amazing!

And while my little prayer to the universe with my voting sticker didn’t work really, I have faith that it will all be OK.  I think if we make enough noise, that we can make a change.  There is something on this man that the FBI has and they can use it the same way they used the emails against Hillary.  Because despite our protests and our speaking out online, Trump won’t watch or read 10 percent of it. It won’t change his mind.

But that is only the first step, because after Trump, there is Pence, who is a legitimate politician.  And there is little to impeach him for, except for his assholish laws he made in Indiana. 

It’s a long winding road ahead!